Each restyling project for Valdo responds to highly focused objectives and criteria: to elevate the perceived value through the clear expression of the personality of each product; to make the pack more current thanks to the modernity of the signs, colours, materials, and solutions used; to reinforce the sense of the family-run business. We were required to pay special attention to each of the channels through which the products are distributed, being particularly cognisant of the right level of innovation for that channel; great importance is given to the clarity and immediateness of the messages.


Activity: Packaging, Secondary packaging, Restyling, Global Design


Valdo Cuvèe Tubi restyling
Valdo Cuveè del Fondatore closeup restyling
Valdo Cuveè Viviana closeup restyling
Valdo Cuvèe di Boj closeup rstyling
Valdo Cuvèe Linea restyling
Valdo Marca oro etichetta
Valdo Marca oro capsula