Distillerie Franciacorta

The numerous restyling projects carried out over the years for the bottle of the Grappa Piave have allowed us to updated the somewhat old-fashioned packaging, producing a sort of hybrid between the features linked to tradition and subsequent development, in a project designed to modernise the overall look.

SGA’s latest restyling project for this line focused on the container, which was completely redesigned to give it an elegant and natural form and make it instantly recognisable. The profile defined by the elongated and minimalist lines, harmonises with the particularly distinctive shape of the label and the contemporary style of the new brand.


Activity: Restyling, Bottle Design

For the grappas of the La Corte line too, the restyling intervention required us to rethink all elements of the packaging: namely the brand, sub-brand, the bottle, and the label. Targeting a mature and loyal consumer, the new packaging ensures a clear reference to the winery and distinctiveness. At the same time, the perceived value and sense of reliability of the products linked to tradition and the territory was raised.

The line of Singolo Vitigno grappas are the top of the range of quality products produced by Distillerie Franciacorta, by Fratelli Gozio. SGA had the specific objective of conveying the real positioning in terms of quality of these grappas, a value that the old packaging failed to express effectively.
Each detail was studied with care: from the choice of the paper to the characters; from the redesign of the illustrations to the nobility of the heat laminated finish; from the design of the seal to the design of the new Fratelli Gozio brand. Since the first year of launch, the positivity and effectiveness of the restyling project has been confirmed by the remarkable success that, with sales increases of almost 40%, has seen these grappas re-emerge as leaders in their category.


Distillerie Franciacorta Grappa Piave restyling
Distillerie Franciacorta Grappa Piave restyling
Distillerie Franciacorta Grappa La Corte restyling
Distillerie Franciacorta Grappe Cacciagione restyling
Distillerie Franciacorta René Briand restyling