Everything truly unique is the result of multiple contributions.

The nucleus of the SGA Corporate & Packaging Design team consists of Giacomo Bersanetti, Chiara Veronelli, and Francesco Voltolina. They share an education in art, having all completed their studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where they first met. They shared their early professional experience at Unimark International, where they matured their expertise in brand design, the development of a corporate image, and laid the foundations for a vocation in design, inspired by their shared values and interests.

The Congegno studio was founded in 1983 (which later became the Studio Grafico Artigiano, evolving into SGA Corporate & Packaging Design in 2006), the work of Giacomo Bersanetti and Chiara Veronelli. After numerous collaborations for single projects, Francesco Voltolina joined the team in 1996. The company consists of people who share its original philosophy, a passion for design, and the innovative methods they use, which have evolved and been refined over the years in an atmosphere of open discussion and lively curiosity towards all forms of creativity.

A constant exchange of ideas between the members of the team helps the company to grow in size and depth, developing ever stronger evaluative capacities and individual expertise. The company has won numerous awards in Italy and abroad in the wine design sector, affirming the value of the design experience of SGA.