Giacomo Bersanetti
23.04.1957 - 19.03.2020

Born in Bergamo in 1957, Giacomo Bersanetti completed his further education between 1975 and 1982, attending courses in painting, artistic printing, sculpture, and industrial and graphic design at the Fine Arts Academy of Bergamo, the Art Institute of Urbino, the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara, and the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, where he met designers, artists, and photographers of great renown, such as Silvio Coppola, Bruno Munari, Roberto Sambonet, Sergio Asti, Will McBride, and Fabrizio Ferri. He graduated in 1982 in sculpture, from the course directed by Alik Cavaliere.

His professional career began in 1978, when he became assistant to the architect Silvio Coppola, and continued at Unimark International in Milan, where he was assistant to Bob Noorda and Salvatore Gregorietti. In 1983 he founded the Congegno studio with Chiara Veronelli, which would later become the Studio Grafico Artigiano, the forerunner of SGA Corporate & Packaging Design.
During this time, he also became the artistic director of numerous publications (L’Etichetta, directed by Luigi Veronelli, Tempo Illustrato and later Ex Vinis) for which he uses the fruit of his experience acquired in the editorial projects developed at Unimark, such as the restyling of the newspaper La Stampa, the monthly publication AutoCapital di Rizzoli, and the Feltrinelli book series. Thanks to this experience, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry that ranges from photographic services to production and printing techniques, having personally supervised the entire process first hand. His artistic education, natural tendency to experiment and innovate, and his desire to communicate in an unconventional and authentic way, have lead Giacomo Bersanetti to develop a new and personal design methodology, that draws on emotional, symbolic, and psychological content: his method establishes a dialogue with the user, and gives his projects an extraordinary vitality and longevity, whilst avoiding transient trends. He taught graphic design at the Fine Arts Academy of Bergamo for four years (1996-2000), and through his profession, frequently contributes his expertise to masters courses and workshops on wine design.

Giacomo Bersanetti