Alois Lageder

Art, a language used by SGA to relate the personality of a product in its appearance, is the protagonist of the packaging for wines that are the fruit of a peculiar experience of synthesis between culture and technology. The intuitions proposed by some leading figures in contemporary artistic research in Italy, asked to recount the particularities that distinguish the philosophy of the company, have become key elements in the packaging of an entire line of products. The architecture of the labels was developed defining two distinct spaces: a rectangle containing the product information, connected to a circular element, the stage for the interpretation offered by the artist. A graphic style characterised by the strict form is founded on the free and complex interpretation, creating a packaging in which the aesthetic value is striking due to its absolute originality.


Activity: Branding, Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Restyling, Global Design


Alois Lageder Comete packaging
Alois Lageder Classici packaging
Alois Lageder Tanhammer packaging
Alois Lageder secondary packaging
Alois Lageder Cason packaging
Alois Lageder Romigberg packaging