Michele Chiarlo

A modern icon in the viticulture of Piedmont, the Michele Chiarlo company charged us with the task of designing packaging for three prestigious wines (Moscato, Barbera, and Barolo) that belong to a new line of products called “Palàs”. The name comes from the property situated in the centre of the Cerequio hill, recently converted into an elegant Relais. At the crest of the main building is a bell gable that Michele Chiarlo has chosen as the symbol for the company brand. This in turn inspired the project for these new labels: from the bell at the centre of the symbol, a series of marks fan out to represent the passing of the hours; each mark expands and crosses over with the previous ones in a spherical crescendo.


Activity: Packaging

Michele Chiarlo Close up Packaging
Michele Chiarlo linea Palas Packaging
Michele Chiarlo grappe