SGA has carried out numerous packaging projects for the Zenato company, including for individual products and for lines of several wines, in a complex range that has covered regional wines, spumanti, grappa, and olive oil.

The projects have been highly diverse and developed with particular care given to the positioning, which must correspond to the high quality of the wines and convey the values of a family-run business, achieved thanks to the consistent use of the brand and the design of a special font. Over time, we have developed an authentic Zenato style, which effectively communicates the principles of the company and creates a dialogue with an audience of consumers that is extremely heterogeneous
in nationality and culture. The perfect example of this is the project we recently carried out for the Alanera wine.

For this product, distributed on the American market, the first stage of the project was the identification of a striking and memorable name that refers to the variety of grapes used and is evocative of the territory, while also communicating the strong personality and elegance of the product. The packaging, from the choice of the bottle to the label, is distinctive and striking and meets the same demands as the name.


Activity: Branding, Packaging, Secondary packaging, Restyling, Global Design e Naming

Zenato Alanera packaging
Ripassa Special edition
Zenato secondary
Zenato Metodo Classico Pas Dosé packaging
Zenato Cresasso packaging