Terra Moretti

For Terra Moretti’s holding we developed several projects for: Petra, Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, L’Andana, L’Albereta and Le Porte Franche.

As with the brand, the project for the packaging of Petra Riserva relates to the architecture of the winery. The project, the work of Mario Botta, is characterised by the stairway that crosses the central cylindrical body and leads visitors to a special position between the earth and the sky. Like man, the grapevine suspended between earth and sky is the result of their respective influences. We represented the triad by placing the texts of the label in three circles, located on a vertical axis, which intersect and progressively increase in size. The ascending movement refers to the research that goes into reaching the heights of quality expected of a Riserva. The minimalist features and innovative style extends to the creation of the packaging of other products, and all elements of company communication.


Activity: Brand, Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Bottle Design, Global Design e Naming


Petra packaging and secondary packaging
Terra Moretti Petra riserva packaging
Bellavista uccellanda convento
Contadi Soul Saten