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The best educated, most cultured and brilliant journalist in Italy talks about himself. Interview with Cesare Pillon.

In the preface to the “Manuale di Conversazione Vinicola” (Wine Conversation Manual), the editor-in-chief of the Corriere della Sera, Luciano Ferraro, described him as follows: “Pillon has been writing about wine since the 1970s and is the best educated, most cultured and brilliant journalist in Italy by far.” We interviewed him: he told us about his passion for gourmet food and wine, the origins of his career, the state of specialised journalism today.

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04 / 24 / 2018

04 / 05 / 2018

Design of new catalogue for UPM Raflatac’s self-adhesive labels

UPM Raflatac is one of the world leaders among self-adhesive label manufacturers. All the decisions connected to the design of the new catalogue had to be in line with the corporate philosophy, its values and production methods and so our responses were drawn from observations of the extraordinary, boundless beauty of Nature.

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03 / 13 / 2018

The new positioning of Mirabella through a global design strategy project

Strategic design is also a vital tool in the wine production sector so, to give our clients the possibility of tackling the relaunch phase of their brands in an organic way, some years ago we formed a team of professionals that, based on the contribution of specific expertise, enables the new positioning and programme of actions to be defined in accordance with a global vision. The project recently implemented for Mirabella is an example of this.

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