05 / 02 / 2015

Alois Lageder: the art of wine

Interview with Alois Lageder, proprietor of the homonymous winery, president of the Bolzano Museum of ContemporaryArt until 2010 and president of the Alto Adige Ecoinstitute since 2008.

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05 / 07 / 2012

Talking about biodynamic wine: Le Sincette

As Jacques Mell (Bio-Dynamie Conseil founder and Demeter France secretary) said: the French word “agriculture” is extraordinarily revealing, being made up of the prefix “agri” (farm) and “culture” (culture/cultivation).
And when talking about culture in the production of wine, one of the most complex subjects to explain is the cultivation of vines using biodynamic methods: knowledge of nature and its cycles, as well as the principles that govern the life of the soil and the vines in relationship to the influence of the stars, a complex culture that allows the wine to fully express the quality of the land.

But what is the proper vocabulary to talk about this level of complexity?
It’s all about combining love and respect for nature and the precision of the steps required to create a biodynamic wine with the need to inform consumers who possesses ever greater awareness and are more and more careful about the choices they make.

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