11 / 07 / 2017

L’Arena: Amarone on the trail of Ulysses, 700 step up to the challenge.

«Designing a label and creating a wine have much in common with the figure of Ulysses», explains the wine designer Giacomo Bersanetti. «it takes subtlety in invention, the courage to shift one’s point of view, curiosity and the ability to convey authentic contents of value. The winning design, with the talent of extreme synthesis, uses colour as light: it is highly evocative and invites a lover of Amarone to establish a more intimate experience with the wine».

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30 / 06 / 2017

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03 / 10 / 2016

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12 / 09 / 2016

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13 / 06 / 2016

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28 / 04 / 2016

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23 / 07 / 2015

Wine2wine: how to improve the image and consolidate the brand in the world of wine

Interview with Giacomo Bersanetti, Senior Art Director of SGA Corporate and Packaging Design by wine2wine.


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27 / 05 / 2015

Print Buyer: communicating wine through design, culture and creativity

Giacomo Bersanetti is one of Italy’s most acclaimed designers of wine labels and packaging and talks about aesthetic trends in the sector’s communication projects. Colours, shapes, the attribution of noble qualities, and packaging. And the entire system of “signs” that make wine a world of culture and emotions.

by Achille Perego

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30 / 04 / 2015

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10 / 04 / 2015

Stora Enso blog: sparkling wine in harmony with nature

In Stora Enso blog, company founded in 1288 and considered the most ancient paper industry of the world, you can read a brief article about our secondary packaging project for Animante by Barone Pizzini, the sparkling wine brut of this historical winery in Franciacorta.

“The package is designed by SGA Wine Design. Its distinctive features include natural brown and cream colours, a printed, textile-like pattern that is pleasing to the touch and shows no fingerprints.”

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