Podere Forte

The Podere Forte brand refers to the image of the almond or “vesica piscis”, which in traditional iconography represents the oval into which the main sacred figures were inserted. The almond, or the seed, is in general a symbol that is counterposed to the fruit and represents the essential hidden by what is necessary, the inviolable element, the indestructible nucleus of the being.
Discovering the almond, eating an almond means discovering a secret, witnessing it. This symbol represents the approach that characterises the philosophy of production of Podere Forte, in which nothing is left to chance. On the contrary, every choice is the fruit of careful analysis that aims to identify and understand the inherent potential of the place.


Activity: Brand, Packaging, Secondary packaging, Bottle design, Global design e Naming

The project for Rocca d’Orcia, a historic hamlet in the heart of Tuscany, was inspired by the desire of entrepreneur Pasquale Forte to restore the hamlet surrounding the fortress of Tentennano; thanks to the restoration of the spaces that for years had accommodated traditional craftsmen and artisans.
SGA designed the four brands, researched the names to define the various ‘company’ entities, and studied the integrated communication for the global project.


Podere Forte closeup logo
Podere Forte Perilla osteria
Podere Forte Perinqua enoteca
Podere Forte Riama emporio
Podere Forte Spaziose spazio espositivo