Terra Moretti

For Terra Moretti’s holding we developed several projects for: Petra, Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, L’Andana, L’Albereta and Le Porte Franche.

The bottle designed for Arzente, an aged brandy produced by Bellavista, was inspired by the decanting traditions and embellished by etching on the transparent glass surface. The furrows give the bottle personality, richness, and a play on light, and required a particularly demanding engineering process. The result is a bottle that, in sync with the company identity of excellence, denotes the colour and warm reflections of the contents, giving a sense of the brandy within even before it is tasted.


Activity: Brand, Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Bottle Design, Global Design e Naming

One aspect closely linked to the production of Franciacorta wines that decisively influenced the definition of the shape of this bottle, was the choice to considerable increase the contact surfaces between the wine and the yeast during the process of spumantization. For this reason, the bottle was given a particularly wide curved shoulder. The second characterising element was the decision not to use the collar at the base of the cork sheath, so that the shoulder progresses immediately to the neck, making the new container more sleek and modern.
The bottle for the non-sparkling wines of the winery is also highly innovative, which reflects the youth of the company and their modern productive philosophy. The profile of the bottle, which stands out from other bottles commonly in use, succeeds in expressing a strong personality and is consistent with the style of the company brand.



Terra Moretti Arzente bottle design
Terra Moretti Contadi Castaldi brut bottle design
Terra Moretti Contadi Castaldi manca pane bottle design