La Versa

A bottle produced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the La Versa company, with the introduction of the “Testarossa Principio” in limited edition.
The packaging had to communicate the exclusivity of the product, and for this reason, in addition to developing the standard champagne bottle, redesigned with a more prominent profile, we decided to intervene with a characterisation of the surface of the bottle, where we added the decoration on the label to the glass in relief. This effect gives the bottle originality while highlighting the historic tradition of the winemaker.


Activity: Bottle Design

The bottle for the line of grappas designed for La Versa was inspired by the sculptures of Costantin Brancusi, a prominent Romanian sculptor who lived in Paris in the early 1900’s. He chose his work for its capacity to represent figurative elements though a formal synthesis of absolute essentiality. The form we arrived at determines an archetypal image of the profound symbolic implications in which the alchemic vase is recognisable, through the transformation of the referable material, to the distillation process. The ovoid form recalls the womb, matrix, the place of birth, which emerges in the hermetic tradition and assumes a cosmological meaning: it becomes the Cosmic Egg, origin of the universe.


La Versa bottle design
La Versa grappa bottle design