La Cantina dei Feudi

The bottle for the wine ‘Ora da Re’ by Cantina dei Feudi was designed for a rare and unrepeatable batch of wine, dating back to the harvest of 1932; an authentic limited edition. The desire to express the time spent in the barrels and to appraise the content, which deserves to be meditated over as it is savoured, inspired us to widen the neck of the bottle.
This simple change has characterised the container decisively, making it extremely recognisable and elegant. Over time, this form has achieved great success and is used for many wines to be savoured, liquors, and distillates, in numerous sizes and colours.
For the same Sicilian company, we designed a new bottle for the line of Marsala wines; in the new form, two aspects come together: the reference to the tradition expressed by the characteristic swollen neck, emblematic of this type of wine, and the sleek body shape that concludes with a decisively modern angled shoulder.


Activity: Packaging, Bottle Design

La Cantina dei Feudi Ora da Re
La Cantina dei Feudi bottle design 2
La Cantina dei Feudi bottle design