06 / 04 / 2015

Restyling for René Briand: valorize the authenticity.

The product name was given priority with a more current font, which was researched and plays on the movement created by the descending strokes of the two ‘R’s that accentuate the product’s personality.
The idea of dividing the label in two was inspire firstly by the desire to make some of the information regarding the product more visible, especially its Italian provenance, and secondly by the fact that it would allow the colour of the brandy itself to become an integral part of the packaging. SGA first worked on the tear-off tab, giving a perception of prestige even before the graphics of the packaging are introduced: we created an equilibrium between the shape of the container and the shape of the label.  Brandy René Briand, in its new packaging, is more recognisable, authentic, contemporary, and attractive.

Tag Packaging, Restyling