07 / 21 / 2017

Gruppo Italiano Vini – Italian Organic Project

The new Italian Organic Project of the GIV, Gruppo Italiano Vini, aims to optimise communication of the organic wines of these selected wineries. For Bigi, Castello Moncaci, Melini and Rapitalà, we designed new packaging that guarantee each label a precise identity, personality and recognisability as a product of their respective wineries.
The aim was also to create an identity for the line through their shared aesthetic criteria and by introducing a symbol to mark the organic products offered by the group.
For each label, spontaneous and light illustrations were used, characterised by fresh colours that express vitality and authenticity.

etichette Progetto Biologico Italiano

For Rapitalà, a brightly coloured butterfly symbolises the health of the habitat; for Castello Monaci, blades of grass represent the technique of allowing plants to grow between the vines then turning over the soil to naturally reintroduce the nutrients. For Melini, a ladybird, symbol of agriculture in which chemical pesticides are not used; and finally, for Bigi, a cross section of a vine illuminated by a ray of light evokes the influence of the celestial bodies on planting times and the life cycles.

Tag Organic wines, Packaging