Produttori Associati Moscato d’Asti

The largest association of producers of Moscato d’Asti, a grape variety that is becoming increasingly popular in Italy and abroad, decided to create and launch a wine that is the best expression of the territory of its origins, to set the benchmark for excellence in its category, above all on the international level, where the competition and, unfortunately, the imitation are stronger. The complexity of the project and the objectives demanded the precise definition of the strategic direction, from which all subsequent stages drew their inspiration.


Activity: Marketing strategy, Naming, Brand design, Packaging and secondary pack design, Website

This began with the definition of the name that had to express the mission, vision and particular personality of the product in an original and clear way; a name that is highly communicative and easy to pronounce and remember. To evaluate the potential of the name, the effectiveness of the packaging and the positioning, a series of market tests were conducted, which allowed us to identify the best solution among those explored during the initial phase. The project was not limited to the naming and packaging of the products, but also extended to a series of very different but well-integrated tools and languages: from the selection of an original and easily recognisable brand colour, to the new brand for the Association; from the timeless trade folder to the website; from the adv to a series of viral videos; from the digital company presentation to a suite of marketing tools carefully configured to aid commercial partners in the various international markets.


Natincò Moscato
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