07 / 23 / 2012

Fan FranciacortAppassioNati: an unconventional approach for the territory of Franciacorta

FAN FranciacortAppassioNati is an association that was formed one evening over a flûte of Franciacorta - it could not have been otherwise - by a group of seven young people, two girls and five boys, with a passion for their territory and lots of get-up-and-go.

Fan group

The aim of the association is to increase appreciation of Franciacorta wine among the new generation, presenting it in unconventional ways in order to attract a public of possible enthusiasts beginning right in the area where it is produced.
The association has the concrete objective therefore of promoting Franciacorta by publicising it in an accessible way without, however, diminishing its reputation.

The starting point is a new approach to the wine, offering it as an aperitif during “roadshows” or in trendy premises where the young producers explain Franciacorta to other young people, conducting them through pleasurable and convivial wine tastings. 

As part of this, SGA was honoured to contribute to the creation of this young and vibrant association (in particular, naming it FAN Franciacorta Appassionati and the brand), thanks to its long established experience in Franciaforta, gained over many years of collaboration with various cellars in the territory: Barone Pizzini, Bellavista, Berlucchi, Castello di Gussago, Contadi Castaldi, Corte Aura, Derbusco Cives, Ferghettina, Quattro Terre and Vezzoli.

Fan bottiglie

It was precisely this experience that helped achieve the right balance between the “young and innovative” aspects that characterise the association and the necessary communication of the basic values that must accompany such a complex product as Franciacorta.

The name of the association is a play on the English word “FAN” (an enthusiast or supporter, both in the entertainment and sports worlds) which is also an acronym of the merger of the brand name, Franciacorta, with the Italian word for fans, ‘Appassionati’). The name is very short, immediate, easy to pronounce and remember, a name that is easy to identify with.
It conveys a love for the territory of provenance and for the wine it produces.

The branding process was completed with a playful graphic that restates the acronym within the by now famous “bubbles” - of Franciacorta obviously - that is the term most often used to ask for this type of wine as an aperitif.

The objective of the brand is to support, through dedicated events and activities which have been given the title ‘Born to be: FAN’, the drive to disseminate and create a culture around Franciacorta.
All achieved with a light touch, avoiding weighing down the perception of it with frills and formal rigidity which would end up misrepresenting its true function: to represent young people who are creating the culture of the wine by talking about it with other young people.

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