Campari Wines

For the buisness unit Campari Wines we developed projects for: Riccadonna, Sella&Mosca, Enrico Serafino, Cinzano, Teruzzi&Puthod.

The aesthetic elements that characterise the personality of a product also determine the guidelines of its communication. Minimalism becomes a value communicated conceptually and aesthetically and allows the product to convey the message coherently. From the publicity material, to catalogues, product data sheets, invitations to special conferences; every element contributes to an integrated communication, the effectiveness of which is a result of the harmonisation of the whole.


Attività: Branding, Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Restyling, Global Design e Naming

Enrico Serafino coordinati global design
Enrico Serafino Adv global design
Enrico Serafino Mariagi global design
Riccadonna publishing global design