Guido Berlucchi

The emergence of Franciacorta as a territory that produces wines suitable for ‘spumantization’, is a relatively recent phenomenon. It all began with the production and experimentation of the pioneering Franco Ziliani in the late 1950’s, who found an enthusiastic supporter in Guido Berlucchi. In 2011, the fiftieth anniversary of the company coincided with the eightieth birthday of Franco Ziliani; for this reason, the bottle that testifies the vertex of all Berlucchi production was given a particularly researched packaging of great impact, created using due copper elements that integrate with the label and give the packaging value and absolute originality.

By creating several distinct lines of products, Berlucchi chose to diversify their product portfolio, categorising the products to target specific types of consumers. With the ’61 line, the company not only affirms its prominence in Franciacorta wine production, but also makes the perception of its own identity more current. With this in mind, the project created a new style for the packaging, which would appeal to younger consumers in trendy bars and fashionable restaurants. The study of the packaging triggered the development of a particularly striking mood that would be applied to the secondary packaging and display elements for events. With the Cellarius line, on the other hand, Berlucchi targets a more traditional consumer, more in line with the classic and elegant packaging used for the Cellarius brand. The perceived value of the products is increased by the structure of the label. The Palazzo Lana line targets a more mature audience, experts with refined taste, those who frequent the finest restaurants and wine specialists; those who love to discover new products that are distinguished for their quality. The project developed by SGA concentrated a positive connotations for the ‘spumantization’ of wine, such as prestige, elegance, historicity, and tradition, into the packaging.


Attività: Branding, Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Restyling, Global Design

Con la linea Cellarius, Berlucchi si rivolge invece ad un consumatore tradizionale più in sintonia con il carattere classico ed elegante della vestizione in cui la brand di linea “Cellarius” viene valorizzata dalla struttura dell’etichetta. La linea Palazzo Lana si rivolge invece a un pubblico maturo, esperto e raffinato, che frequenta l’alta ristorazione e le enoteche più accreditate; che ama scoprire nuovi prodotti, ma solo se si distinguono per l’elevato livello qualitativo. Il progetto sviluppato da SGA ha permesso di concentrare nella vestizione, una serie di associazioni positive connesse agli spumanti di alta qualità quali prestigio, eleganza, raffinatezza, storicità e tradizione.



Guido Berlucchi packaging Franco Ziliani
Guido Berlucchi secondary packaging 61
Guido Berlucchi tubi secondary packaging 61
Guido Berlucchi secondary packaging Cellarius
Guido Berlucchi secondary packaging Palazzo Lana