The restyling project for the Gialdi company were developed with the aim of maintaining a continuity with the previous packaging. Specific examples are the Sassigrossi, Biancospino, and Riserva Trentasei wines, which are very well-known and need to be immediately recognisable as the prestigious products they are. The restyling projects for the Estro and Comuni line was more conservative. We were required to elevate the perceived value to be in line with the marketing and this required a more consistent intervention: redefining the lettering and the chromatic characteristics, the layout, and adding an injection of personality and originality that relocate the products to a higher level.


Attività: Branding, Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Restyling, Global Design

Gialdi Terroir restyling
Gialdi Trentasei restyling
Gialdi Estro restyling
Gialdi Terroir restyling