Cascina Castlèt

The projects undertaken for Cascina Castlèt are characterised by a marked experimental nature and by the will to innovate the traditional aesthetic codes of the wine industry by using a new language and innovative solutions on a technical level: Passum, for example, was the first wine sold in a bottle with serigraphy directly on the glass.
The design solution attributed to each of the company’s wines, is highly distinctive and expresses a story strongly linked to the characteristics of the wine itself, but also to the personality of the producer – Maria Borio – who actively and enthusiastically contributed to the realisation of the projects.


Attività: Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Web site


Cascina Castlèt Passum 40mo anniversario packaging
Cascina Castlèt Passum Litina Policalpo packaging
Cascina Castlèt packaging